NMIS is tuition-free public charter school open to all students in grades K-8. 

NMIS is part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, a global network of schools and educators dedicated to developing inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who create a better world through intercultural understanding and respect.​

The study of a second and third language is a required component for every student. Learning a new language, particularly at a young age, has numerous benefits. It enriches and enhances a child’s mental development, creates more flexibility in thinking, improves a child’s understanding of their native language, and opens the door to other cultures and appreciation of people from other countries. Every student at NMIS begins learning Spanish in kindergarten utilizing immersion techniques. Ninety percent of kindergarten classroom instruction is taught in Spanish. Instructional time slowly phases in more English with each year, and by the end of fifth grade, 50%-55% of instructional time is in English. In fourth grade, students begin to learn Arabic. The goal is to foster fluency in Spanish and conversational skills in Arabic by the time students leave NMIS.

The goal is to foster inquiry in everything NMIS does. Students at NMIS are not simply given the answers to problems, they are taught how to be investigative to find solutions. NMIS fosters inquiry through six themes:

  1. Who we are.

  2. Where we are in time and place. 

  3. How we express ourselves.

  4. How the world works.

  5. How we organize ourselves.

  6. Sharing the planet. ​

Why parents volunteer & the community is getting involved...


In 2019, NMIS moved to a new campus that meets the needs of the growing school. The new facility offers a performing arts center, gymnasium, increased outdoor recreation space, and additional classrooms to accommodate planned growth through eighth grade.

Suzuki Violin Program

All students participate in the Suzuki Violin program. Modeled on the pedagogy of Shin’chi Suzuki, music is taught in the same way students learn language - through listening, modeling, and imitating. This model is based on the idea that no child is inherently born with talent, but rather each child can reach their own potential through hard work.

Art Education

NMIS strongly emphasizes fine arts and recognizes art as a strong tool to foster inquiry, understanding of self, and understanding of others. Learning to create art opens a window into a child’s imagination, and students gain knowledge when they make creative choices. Arts education supports students in becoming resourceful, inventive, whimsical, and aesthetically aware. NMIS offers an enriched art program twice per week to every student in our school.

Expanding to K-8th Grades

At NMIS, we have seen New Mexico students thrive and grow into inquisitive and thoughtful young adults. The programming has been so successful that families have requested the opportunity to keep their students in the NMIS community beyond the sixth grade. NMIS, with the support of the Foundation, has grown to include grades 6-8 for middle school.

​IB Primary Years Programme

At NMIS, content is centered on the IB Primary Years Programme. This program is designed for students ages 3-12 and focuses on student-centered learning. The IB pedagogy is research-based and utilized at schools around the world. Current research indicates that the IB program consistently fosters stronger academic outcomes and students are more internationally aware and socially conscious compared to learning through traditional models. In each grade level, students build upon the six core themes, investigating each with more depth and rigor each year. Students' time at NMIS culminates in an extended, in-depth project that celebrates the student’s learning experiences. Students conduct an in-depth inquiry into real-life issues or challenges and present their research and resulting action to the whole school community. The NMIS student is empowered to research an issue or challenge that is important to them, forming a better understanding of their ability to make a positive impact in their community.