The NM International School Foundation ("NMISF") in a non-membership organization and it's affairs are managed by its Board of Directors. Directors are appointed by the New Mexico International School (NMIS) and the Board of Directors. Vacancies shall be filled either by appointment from NMIS, or by the remaining Directors. Foundation Board Members enlist to volunteer for one to three year terms to help grow the mission of NMISF.

Board of Directors




Kelsea Raether

Vice President

Jessica Medrano

Vice President

Nick Voges



Governing Documents




The Development Committee ("Dev Com") is tasked with raising money within the community.

Acting President: Tara McElheney



The Grants committee works together to research, develop, and approve grant proposals for the benefit of NMIS & NMISF. 

Chair: Laura Matzen

Please contact us at info@nmisf.org if you are interested in helping the Foundation with grants!

Project Areas

Support growing into our new permanent home for New Mexico International School

Our new facility has several opportunities to enhance to education of NMIS students. NMISF seeks funding opportunities for a new performing arts center; campus security; and an outdoor play space.

NMISF seeks funding opportunities to help support the expansion of a new middle school program to provide the opportunity for older students to be part of the NMIS community and access IB education.

Support bilingual education and International Baccalureate - PYP

Support New Mexico International School Art and Music Programs

All NMIS students participate in the Suzuki Violin program. The model is based on the idea that no child is inherently born with talent, but rather each child can reach their own potential through hard work. NMIS offers an enriched art program twice a week.

Ensure every child has the opportunity to be in a safe, supportive, and enriching environment after school.

NMISF hopes to expand the afterschool program to offer a wide array of enrichment classes in various subjects.