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Annual Pledge Drive

April 10th thru the 20th!
Goal Amount: $60,000

Or, just $150 per enrolled NMIS student

Please fill out the form OR payment via check should be mailed to:

7215 Montgomery Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109

Questions? Email if you need assistance from us.

The money that NMISF raises each year is critical to the programs and projects at the New Mexico International School. Support its many endeavors that enhance the student experience such as: Bilingual Education, IB, Music Program, Teacher Appreciation,

Student Activities and so much more!

Donate $150


$1 A Day,

Per Child

School-Wide Pledge Drive Awards


We Are Here


School-wide Uniform Free Day (on a date TBD)


Watch Dr. Luna Have His Tie Cut Off


Watch Mr. Knouse Have His Tie Cut Off


Director Silly String Attack


Director Mummy Wrap


Director Tricycle Race


Director Sumo Battle Royale


NMISF sponsored Snow Cones!

A Message from the Head of School ...

Greetings NMIS Community Members,


On behalf of the NM International School Foundation (“NMISF”), a volunteer nonprofit organization that supports NMIS, we are super excited to tell you that NMISF is launching its Annual Pledge Drive from April 10 - April 20, 2024. The money that NMISF raises each year is critical to the programs and projects at the New Mexico International School. This year the Foundation is taking a more focused approach to have a higher impact with your donated dollars. For example, phase two of the playground expansion, support of NMIS music program and continued support of student and staff activities.


In the past, NMISF funded:

  • 25% of phase one of the playground project (over $100k)

  • Teacher appreciation events, such as the World Teacher Day event and celebrations of teacher birthdays and special events

  • School-wide special events; teacher stipends and supplies for events such as the Science Fair, Violin Concerts, Spanish Spelling Bees and World Poetry Day

  • Supplies and stipends for coordination of after school clubs and student athletics


With so many big donations by NMISF to the school, it's time to replenish the NMISF treasury. Your donations to NMISF are critical to this end. Some initiatives we hope to fund next year include:

  • Contributing to phase 2 of the playground project that will see turf play areas and shade structures added plus an overall expansion of the playground

  • Purchase of new string instruments for our growing music program and repairs for our existing instruments

  • Continued funding of the school athletic program, student clubs and school special events

  • Funding individual teacher-created initiatives for their classrooms


NMISF raises much of its money through its Annual Pledge Drive. This is a major fundraiser where donations are solicited from you, our parent community.  If you value expansion of our playground, growth of our music program, unique projects in your child’s class and the continuation of our clubs, classes and school-wide special events, now is the time to make those things a reality. This is done by your financial support.


Something that is very appealing about this fundraiser is its simplicity. It’s just as easy as writing a check, and . . . done.

The goal for the Annual Pledge Drive is $60,000. While this seems like a lot, when looked at over our student body, that’s only $150 per enrolled child. This is less than a “dollar a day” for your child(ren)’s school year. When you reflect on everything your child(ren) receives for this, hopefully that seems like even more of a bargain. Of course, some in our community can afford to donate more than the suggested amount, and some can afford less. Many families have raised their share by reaching out to grandparents and other loved ones who  are invested in the high-quality education our children can only receive at NMIS.  Others have sought contributions from family businesses and employers who care about a well-educated community. Please contribute what you can. What’s truly important is that everyone contributes something to this effort. 

Again, the Annual Pledge Drive is from April 10- April 20.  

To contribute: 

  • Visit or 

  • Write a check, payable to the NM International School Foundation 

    • Deliver check to NMISF’s drop box in the front office of the school or 

    • Mail it to NMISF at 7215 Montgomery Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109 


Please DO NOT send money or a check to School with your child; teachers are not accepting donations. 

Thank you again, to our entire community. Thank you for choosing NMIS, and for supporting bi-lingual education, technology, the arts, a globally minded curriculum, physical education, play-based learning and much more. If you have questions, concerns, or ideas, please email NMISF at

Kind regards,

Todd M. Knouse, NMIS Head of School                                             Tara Harmon-McElheney, NMISF President

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