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We have many ongoing projects & events that require additional help & expertise!  To plan and run effective events, we depend on volunteers! Opportunities to contribute at NMIS come in all different shapes and sizes, whether one time or reoccurring commitments, during the school day or after school, or one hour up to the entire day.  Some volunteer opportunities require a background check, but many do not! Whatever time you can contribute will be appreciated.

Signing Contract

Donors & Corporate Sponsors

Make an individual donation - once or recurring - or sponsor an upcoming event!  We are always looking for local corporate sponsors and donations. NMISF prides itself on it's local partnerships & donors.

Business Meeting

NMISF Community Business Database

Do you own or manage a business? Do you work at a business that cares about the community? Do you want to connect and network with other NMIS community businesses? Do you want your business to support the mission of NMIS? If so, please consider joining the NMISF Business Community Database.

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