It's Finally Happening!

The NM International School Foundation has committed $110,000 to fund the installation of a large primary play structure, including self-contained shade structure, as part of the new NMIS playground

NMISF Playground

Disclaimer: Sample Rendering of NMIS Playground Structure; Actual Structure May Differ.  Grass and Landscaping Not Included.












Frequently Asked Questions


When will construction begin?

The school administration will meet with ESA (the contractor) to draft a contract that specifies which parts of the project will be included in the contract to build. Once this contract is then drafted, it needs NM PED approval. Once PED approves the contract, the Head of School will sign it and ESA can provide a construction timeline for the project. Last Updated 11/22/2021

Who is the contractor?

The winner of the sealed bid process for our playground project is ESA. The school felt their bid was the most competitive. NMISF did not take part in the bidding process or in selecting the contractor. Last Updated 11/22/2021

What does the project include?

The project has six components. Be sure to click on each link for a visual of what is included in each component. Base project: demolition, grading and drainage, installation of play area, ramps, walls and wood chip base fill: $252,700 including GRT. Legislative capitol outlay funding received by NMIS is funding this portion of the project. Alternate 1: installation of large primary play structure, including self-contained shade structure: $107,132 including GRT. NMISF is funding this portion of the project. Alternate 2: striped games in northern section (basketball, tether ball): $18,473 including GRT. No funding secured as of 11/22/21. Alternate 3: additional “secondary” play structures in/around wood chip area: $57,900 including GRT. No funding secured as of 11/22/21. Alternate 4: asphalt overlay in middle section, north of play area: $19,900 including GRT. No funding secured as of 11/22/21. Alternate 5: shade structure over seating area: $31,800 including GRT. No funding secured as of 11/22/21. Last Updated 11/22/2021

Why hasn't a playground been built yet?

The hope was for the playground to be built over the summer in 2021. The school wanted the bulk of construction over the summer, but knew it was unlikely to be completed by the start of the school. To that end, the school submitted Requests for Proposals to three contractors. These were due just prior to the end of the school year. As they came in, all of the bids were incomplete and the school could not move forward with any of them. Therefore the school could not commence with the project over the summer as it had hoped. Last Updated 11/22/2021


How is the playground project being paid for?

The school received a $300,000 Legislative Capital Outlay allocation for this project (sponsored by Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto and Representative Natalie Figueroa). $50,000 was for planning and permitting, and $250,000 for the actual construction. This means that the school will budget for the base project. The New Mexico International School Foundation has generously committed $107,000 to fund alternate 1 (the large primary play structure). The school is exploring what other funding might be available for any of the other optional portions of the project (alterants, 2, 3, 4, and 5). Schools are not just “provided money to build a playground.” In fact, playgrounds are not even required components for charter schools. If a charter wants to build a playground, it needs to flex its entrepreneurial muscles and find a way. The school has sought other funding in the past, namely the KaBoom Grant. There were significant problems with what the providers of that grant wanted that Poms and Associates (the liability insurance provider for schools under the NM Public Schools Insurance Authority) simply would not agree to. This disagreement was an insurmountable hurdle. Last Updated 11/22/2021

Is my donation tax deductible?

Your donation may be tax deductible; however, the NMISF does not have the capacity (yet) to send you information about your donation at the end of this tax year. - For PayPal donations, we recommend that you print or save the email confirmation you received from PayPal. - For donations via check, we will send you a receipt if one is requested. Last Updated 11/22/2021


Where will recess be once construction begins?

The playground area will be a construction zone and therefore off limits to students. We will close part of the Chama Parking Lot and also use the park next door for recesses for our children during the construction period. Last Updated 11/22/2021