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The NMIS Family Handbook states:

NMIS highly encourages parent/guardian involvement on campus.  In fact, volunteerism is an expectation. This simply isn’t a school where you can drop your child off and not be “part of the family.”  We are a community in the fullest sense of the word, and as such need to pull together to get all the things done that are necessary.  Please be sure to read the section “Promoting Equity in Family Participation.”

1. Volunteer Policies

Read the NMISF Volunteer Policies and become familiar with the School's Volunteer Policy to Promote Equity.

4. Volunteer Release

In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the NMISF Board requires volunteers to sign the Volunteer Release for liability and insurance purposes.

2. Events & Opportunities

NMISF and the School have numerous events and opportunities to volunteer.  Visit the NMISF Events page to learn more about upcoming events and how to get involved, or email

5. Track Your Time

To keep track of the volunteerism, the School requests that all families keep track of and report their time.  The School is known to use this information to provide special incentives, like better seats at the violin concerts and first pick at times for parent-teacher conferences.

3. Background Check

Any volunteer who is on campus while the children are present is required to have a current and valid NMIS Volunteer Clearance.

6. Donations in Place of Volunteer Hour Expectations

If you would like to make a donation in place of your volunteer hour expectations, you can make it to NMISF.  The donation rate is $25 per hour of volunteer time.

You must enter your NMIS Family ID # when you make your donation, so that it can be tracked and credited towards your volunteer hour expectations.

Have Questions? Email us at

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